Zhuhai Lingxiang Chemical Co., Ltd.
Zhuhai Lingxiang Chemical Co., Ltd is a professional managed foreign exclusive invested manufacturer, specialized in producing Fast-Feed Cotton Leveling Agent, Soda Ash Substitute, Acetic Acid Substitute, Cleaning Agent, Anti-foam Agent, Fixing Agent etc, various of textile auxiliaries from pretreatment, dyeing to finishing process.
We got authority to import and export in 2002, headquartered in Zhuhai city, factory floor space is 25158.3 square meter, branch factory in Taiwan. We''ve been set up many sales offices around China, such as Guangdong province, Fujian province, Jiangxi province etc. There are more than 100 excellent sales for marketing, R&D teams have 30 years experience which is capable for after-sales service & new product.
Eco-friendliness and economical innovation are the main projects we dedicated in. For the collective mission, we aimed at the best in Chemical industry around the world.
Lingxiang are planning to expand our export business through agent or joint venture in countries. Your contacts and visit will be our greatest honor. 

Scouring Enzyme   SE
Soda Ash Substitute (1:20)   SBP-666
Penetrant   AD-700
Scouring Agent   OS-300
Oil Remove Agent   WA-240S
Peroxide Stabilizer   STP
Peroxide Remover   ODP
Fast-Feed Cotton Leveling Agent   FCL-777
Soda Ash Substitute (1:20)   SBP-999
Soda Ash Substitute (1:10)   SBP-888   SBL-444
Acetic Acid Substitute   SAL-555
Levelling Agent   RD-600D   RD-600L   CF-501T
Levelling Agent (Nylon/Wool)   AL-500G
Levelling Agent (Cotton,3 in 1)   CSL-158
Anti-creasing Agent   RSD-200   SR-300
Boiler Detergent   EB-100
Soaping Agent   A-22P
Silicone Softener   ASC-200N   ASC-200W
Pilling Agent   UW-160C
Fixing Agent   F-30R F-40A
Chelating Agent   CF-101A   CF-201F
Silicone Anti-foamer   SDF-100

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